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Looking for a military friendly university that is supportive of current and former military personnel and their families? CollegeRecon has the information you are looking for. CollegeRecon has a database of colleges and universities that can help you find the right school for you. Our search engine helps you to search for schools by location, size, type, military-friendliness, and more.

Among the key factors in finding the best online universities for military are:

  • Accepting financial assistance and offering supplemental types of aid
  • Accepting previous work and military experience to earn college credit
  • Universities or colleges that accept the GI Bill
  • Providing specific services such as health services and counseling that speak to their unique needs

Accepting Financial aid and Providing Additional Types of Support

CollegeRecon can help you find schools that offer financial assistance and supplemental aid to veterans. This can help you pay for school and get the education you deserve.

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You May Be Able To Earn College Credit for Your Previous Work and Military Experience!

If you served or continue to serve in the military, you may be interested in knowing how to get credit for your military service.

Military-friendly schools around the country may honor your military experience, so double-check with the school direct. Many schools also accept AP and CLEP credits, so be sure to ask the school about their requirements.

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Use Your GI Bill To Pay for Your College Education

The G.I. Bill is a education benefit program provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs that allows eligible veterans to use their benefits to cover the cost of their schooling.

The G.I. Bill has helped millions of veterans pursue their education goals, and has been an important part of the American educational system for over 70 years.

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Providing Specific Services to Military Members & Veteran Students

Some universities offer veterans and their families that are affected by the traumatic experiences they endured at war services to help adjusting to civilian life. These services can include but are not limited to: mental health services, academic support, and career counseling.

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Find the Best Colleges & Universities for YOU!

As a member of the military, there are many factors to consider when choosing a college or university. Some of these factors include: location, size, cost, majors offered, and extracurricular activities. You should also consider your own personal preferences and needs. For example, would you want to attend a large or small school, and whether you want to be in a rural or urban area?

Our goal is to help military students and their dependents find veteran friendly colleges and universities with the best degrees for military that are a good fit for them.

Use our search engine to check out our military friendly schools lists, find your ideal degree program, and get the resources you need to achieve your higher education goals.

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