Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion

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The Rabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva, located off King̠s Country in Brooklyn, New York, is a private, faith-related institution that specializes in Jewish learning and career training with a focus on education being personal, rigorous, and challenging. The school aims to foster creative scholarship and provide a community of well-educated Talmudists, scholars, and laymen by teaching Torah learning skills.The college identifies its mission as follows: firstly, training students in the study and analytical interpretation of Judaic texts in order to hone advanced logic and reasoning skills as well as proficiency in textual and legal analysis. Secondly, preparing students for careers as Yeshiva instructors, melamdim, mechanchim, and meggidei shiur in a variety of formats, providing students with an educational background for pursuing rabbinic degrees and higher research in the Talmud. The college also stresses the development of a strong moral capacity and ethical sensibility by studying Mussar, devotional texts, and Talmudic Aggadata. It aims to foster a contemplative spirit and awareness of life and the mind.Academics at the college offer bachelor̠s degrees in Religious Education and Talmudic Studies.Financial aid is available to eligible students. On-campus housing and a meal plan are available, but neither are required.


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