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Orthodox Jewish males who want to gain a deeper understanding of their faith so they can live lives of service, leadership and scholarship in line with the values, history and moral codes of Judaism can receive an outstanding education at the Rabbinical College of Ch'san Sofer New York in Brooklyn, New York.Since the school is located in one of Brooklyn's Orthodox neighborhoods, your college life will be immersed in the Jewish faith. The backdrop will provide your studies with an atmosphere of academia and religious contemplation, where you can learn both in and out of classroom.Instructors are rabbis who encourage students to develop their responses to Talmudic and Jewish literature throughout the ages so that they can contribute original scholarship to the wealth of contemporary Jewish literature.The yeshiva contains an enormous library stocked with plenty of study materials and religious texts so that you can familiarize yourself with the extensive body of Jewish thought.The academics available at the yeshiva include a bachelor's degree in Talmudic and Jewish Studies.To apply, you must submit an application and high school transcript or GED to Ch'san Sofer's admissions department.To help students pay for tuition, Ch'san Sofer offers qualifying students who have filed a FAFSA financial aid through federal and institutional grants and scholarships.


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