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Because at Redlands Community College we want you to succeed! From our diverse academic offerings, to our student clubs and organizations, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience. Whether you are attending a short-term technical certificate program, pursuing an associate degree or taking community activity classes, we are hard at work making your educational experience relevant and life-changing.Dedication to the success of our students comes first with our faculty. You as a student must accept their challenge -- a challenge to excel. You must dedicate yourself to attending class, participating in class discussions and projects, turning in your assignments on time, and bringing your individual thoughts, ideas, and questions into the classroom to gain the full college experience.From traditional classroom lectures, to web-based instruction, to interactive televised courses, to onsite internships in undergraduate research, Redlands offers you a wide variety of learning experiences, specifically tailored to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. At Redlands, we're moving forward, and we are honored to have you moving forward with us.


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