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Tuition at Roane State is about half of four-year colleges. Whether you are interested in entering the workforce or transferring to a university, Roane State is an affordable way to reach your goals. View the tuition comparison.With nine campuses, Roane State is never far from a student̠s home. Travel is not a barrier to a world-class education at Roane State.Roane State̠s high-tech interactive classes allow students to take classes through live video teleconferencing. This is a great way to take courses offered at different campuses. For example, students from Wartburg can go to the nearby Morgan County campus to take a class offered in Oak Ridge. Through sophisticated software, the class is broadcast from Oak Ridge and beamed to the Morgan County campus. Students there can interact with their instructor in Oak Ridge, just as if they were sitting in the classroom, in person. Almost all Roane State campuses have special interactive classrooms.Of course, Roane State also offers traditional classes. The classes are small, which means your teachers will know you personally. If you want to stay after class to ask a question, then Roane State faculty will be right there by your side. Many professors will give you their home phone number. Your success is their mission. Roane State̠s Learning Centers provide excellent tutoring services and other resources designed to give students a helping hand, and on every campus you will find friendly, helpful people pleased to give you a friendly smile, a bit of advice, directions to the bookstore


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