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At St. Mike's, we care (a lot) about what our students learn. Whether you're studying the environment, the global economy, new media, psychology, biochemistry, world religions or English literature, you'll graduate with a degree that will not just prepare you for your first job, but for your life. A Saint Michael's education is a four-year experience that will change the way you see, and care for, the world.Choose from more than 30 majors; each is grounded in our solid, meaningful liberal studies curriculum. That means you're going to learn a significant amount about our world, past, present and future. You'll learn things you̠ll need four years from now, and things you̠ll recall 20 years from now. You'll learn to critically examine issues, solve abstract and concrete problems, and think for yourself, while still keeping others in mind.Every course you take at Saint Michael's is taught by a professor, not a graduate assistant. Our professors are here to teach you: our student-faculty ratio is just 12:1, so you enjoy personal attention in class and out of class. You'll be challenged, but you'll also get the support you need to reach your academic goals.Service to the community and to all humankind is a vibrant part of life at St. Mike's. More than 70 percent of our students participate in service, reflecting our sincere passion for social justice. You can explore spirituality through retreats and campus ministry programs, with peers and with faculty and staff and put your faith into action with extended service trips.


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