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Salem Community College maintains an "open-door" policy. Any student who can profit from college instruction will be admitted, regardless of his or her academic background. High school graduates and nongraduates may be enrolled in any course that they may reasonably be expected to successfully complete.However, acceptance into some programs, such as nursing and glass, is contingent upon specific application and deadline procedures. Candidates should contact the Enrollment Services Office for details regarding application to selective admission programs. SCC administrators may deny a prospective student admission to a particular program if, in their judgment, the student is incapable of benefiting from the curriculum or instruction offered.Salem Community College places great emphasis on opportunity and therefore encourages all students to take advantage of the programs that are best suited to their interests and goals. Students can choose from programs leading to a degree, a certificate or a professional development certificate. SCC also offers noncredit programs for professional growth or personal enrichment.


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