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SCC is always on to something: classes, programs, degrees, college life, athletics - whatever - you'll find it here.Whether you're looking to get a start on your B.A. degree or preparing for a great career, you can do it here.Most people cite one of these three reasons why SCC is best for them.Close to home-Chance are if you're reading this, you're less than 30 minutes from one of our campuses or learning centers. Why is this important? Easy - convenience.If you're like many of our students, moving away for a few years or driving a few hours every day to go to college just isn't in the cards. We know home is important to you. That's one of the things we do best.Relevant-Our grads have a lot of great things to say about us. One thing we hear a lot is how SCC programs prepared they are for their life after SCC.Whether you're learning what it takes to start a great career right here in the area OR if you're studying to go on to another college, you'll be ready once you leave SCC.Affordable-SCC is an excellent place to get a solid, quality college education. We have one of the lowest tuition rates in Iowa.Compared to other colleges and universities, you'll see how affordable a quality education can be.


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